The Zephyr token has been designed to eliminate banks from the remittance industry.

The Zephyr token (ZEPH) is a reward token designed to help grow Spark's remittance network.

The Zephyr token will help drive adoption of remittance services through the creation of180+ fiat pegged cryptocurrencies via the Bitshares Blockchain.

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What makes the Zephyr (ZEPH) token special?

Constant upward price pressure. 25% of transaction fees are used to buy back Zephyr Tokens, applying an upward price pressure over time.

A social impact token. 2 billion Zephyr Tokens have been created to help the world’s 2 billion people who don’t have access to a bank.

Faster and cheaper. The Bitshares Blockchain itself is built to scale to 100,000 transactions per second with fees as low as a fraction of a cent and confirmation times below 3 seconds.

Reduced counter-party risk. A decentralised exchange (DEX) means that you are always in complete control of your funds eliminating counter-party risk. 

Increased transparency. All transactions on Bitspark’s Zephyr network are visible on the Bitshares Blockchain and publicly viewable ensuring a 100% reserve of customer funds.

Our roadmap:

Spark, UNDP & AltFinLab Begin Planning Tajik Pilot

Announcement Made Regarding Bitshares Switch

Zephyr Token Sale, Launch and Issuance

Tajikistan Pilot and Live Launch. Zephyr Token Integrated into Bitspark

Deployment of Pegged Cryptocurrencies to all Countries

Expansion in Spark Destination Countries and Beyond

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